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How abfeatures works

Serving without interruption

Who are the writers? 

We have writers with years of experience of the City as well law, accountancy and management. There aren't many subjects that we cannot cover.

What is the copyright position of any features bought? 

We cannot assign copyright. However, we do assure every title that once a feature is accepted, and paid for, no other competing title will recieve that feature.

Can you alter features? 

Yes. It's never a question of 'here it is, take it or leave it'. We are happy to do what ever you want - lengthening, shortening, adding panels, seeking quotes and adding sources of information etc. There is no further charge for this.

Do we have to send proofs before publication? 

By all means send proofs through and they will be read, checked and returned as quickly as possible, time and circumstances permitting.

What if I need a feature quickly? 

We have several hundred features on file that can be sent by return of email in minutes. Alternatively, we can write features to order, often with short lead times.

What are your rates? 

There is no set rate as we work on the freelance rate of each title. Syndication allows us to spread the cost of writing over multiple sales of a feature.

Are there any hidden extras? 

No as we have agreed a rate for a feature. However, an extra cost might apply if, for example, it would not be reasonable to expect a writer to absorb a given cost. This would be agreed beforehand.

Do you supply - and charge - for images? 

Generally we only supply the text for a feature. Where we obtain images, if there is no charge to us there is no charge to you. Again, we will agree this first.

Is there a charge to reuse features? 

Once a feature has been paid for, it can be reused without further charge. If used in another title, elsewhere, or if resold a charge will apply.